April 22 is Earth Day, our mother planet. Have you ever wondered whether the place where you work, study or stay has solutions that reduce the consumption of our planet’s resources?

Primus Foundation – non public school – example of Cisco Meraki implementation

We will give an example of the implementation of the solution at our client, which took place in 2016 and has been bringing benefits every day since then. Who? All of us and that’s beautiful.

1. About the Primus Foundation:

The school was established on the initiative of a group of enthusiasts – parents who decided to create a school for their children that they dreamed of when they were children. In 1992, their dreams came true! The school exists to this day, enjoying high prestige among Warsaw schools – not only private ones.

The Primus Foundation has been educating Warsaw children and youth for over 30 years.They base their activities on three pillars: high quality of learning, subjectivity of students and sports.With the help of professional staff, it puts great emphasis on the effects of teaching, which can be seen every year in the results of its students in subject olympiads and final exams. Thanks to small classes, they maintain the family character of the school and approach each person individually. They do not use bells, and during breaks they encourage them to use the ubiquitous sofas and chess sets. The physical aspect is equally important for the school – thanks to a full-size hall, outdoor sports fields and an outdoor gym, they have a wide range of opportunities to organize PE classes. Those who are more willing can participate in internal and external competitions, and those who are less willing can relax during a walk with poles in the Kabacki forest or do yoga. Importantly, it is not a private school, but nonpublic – which means that the entire profit is invested in the further development of the school. Graduates can easily get into their dream universities both in Poland and abroad.

The Foundation consists of:

2. What did the client contact us about?

The Primus Foundation, which manages a non-public school in Warsaw, has been looking for network solutions on the market for a long time so that build a reliable network infrastructure for more than 650 students and teachers. The school had a need building a WiFi network to which tablets used by students could be connected. The WiFi network needed wireless points connected to switches to operate, and an intelligent firewall was to ensure overall security.

Market analysis:

The Foundation conducted market research and examined various aspects:

  • purchase cost
  • implementation time
  • maintenance cost (the amount of time it takes to manage)
    ease of management (the school has limited resources)
  • reputation as a manufacturer and partner
  • technical support
  • security against unwanted content for students.
  • ease of integration with iPad tablets
  • energy costs and the ability to manage the power supply of connected devices

3. Our proposed solution.

After analyzing many solutions from various manufacturers, tests were carried out and an offer prepared by our engineers based on the system was selected Cisco Meraki.

The project included

  • WiFi network design – with site survey
  • installation of structured cabling for new devices
  • delivery, configuration and training on Cisco Meraki network equipment, including:
    • 37 MR32/MR52 wireless points
    • 2 PoE switches MS220-24P
    • 1 MX100 edge firewall
    • full license for 5 years.

4. The result of our work:

  • we have identified the best places to install wireless points
  • we installed new structured cabling
  • we installed wireless points and firewall switches
  • we have configured the entire network
  • we trained the administrator

5. Customer benefits:

  • quick implementation time
  • simple maintenance and management
  • automatic updates
  • one dashboard to manage the entire system
  • turning off the power on PoE ports
    • Energy saving
    • improved security, no one could connect to the network outside working hours
    • cost reduction
    • reduction of heat and C02 emissions

In 2021, the customer migrated the firewall to a more efficient one, i.e. MX250.

6. Solved problems:

Solved problems in school with Meraki Solutions:

„The problem concerned filtering out pages containing content inappropriate for students – in most cases it was pornography. After consulting with a Cisco representative, we were able to determine that the unfiltered pages were mainly those that did not contain content in the page description in the <description> tag, or the description was about something completely different. Filtering based on analyzing the content of the page also did not work properly, as it turned out that most of the descriptions posted there were text in the form of images. Most of the undesirable sites came from Russia and several Asian countries. As part of the tests, traffic from these countries was blocked. … everything works wonderfully, and we haven’t noticed that the restrictions put in place have affected the school in any way.”

Adam Kulewicz, admin IT


7. Save on Cisco Meraki:

The school uses two Cisco Meraki switches, which provided PoE power for 63 hours a week, and the power was turned off for 105 hours (outside school opening hours). We checked how much energy the school saved for almost 8 years by turning off 33 PoE ports that powered wireless points.


The current topology of the Foundation’s network in elementary school and high school:

PoE port power schedule

  • Monday – Thursday – during working hours, i.e. from 7.30 a.m. to 17.30
  • Friday – during working hours, i.e. from 7.30 a.m. to 11 p.m
  • Saturday – from 7.30 a.m. to 14.00
  • Sunday – PoE power off

Below is a screenshot from the dashboard of how easy it is to set such a schedule. After setting, you can assign it to selected ports, e.g. those that have the appropriate TAG.


Selected ports worked all the time, and the rest were turned off and on at specified times.



Assumption: power on 33 PoE ports on average 63 hours a week.

  • Saving
    • 62.5% on energy (105h out of 168h per week)
    • withinyear amounted to 1,855 kWh
    • withinfive years 9,273 kWh
    • withineight years 14,837 kWh

If the power were also turned off during the holidays, the savings would be greater.

Data and calculations

The dashboard allows you to check your current energy consumption. This makes it easier to calculate actual savings.

As you can see below, the PoE consumption is 183.2W when the devices are running.

After hours of operation, power consumption dropped to 9.6W


Day of the week Switch number of working hours in a given day [h] Operation – power consumption – 1h [W] When 33 ports are turned off – power consumption per 1 hour [W]
Monday sw1 10 183,2 9,6
Tuesday sw1 10 183,2 9,6
Wednesday sw1 10 183,2 9,6
Thursday sw1 10 183,2 9,6
Friday sw1 16,5 183,2 9,6
Saturday sw1 6,5 183,2 9,6
Sunday sw1 0 183,2 9,6
Monday sw2 10 187,7 34,2
Tuesday sw2 10 187,7 34,2
Wednesday sw2 10 187,7 34,2
Thursday sw2 10 187,7 34,2
Friday sw2 16,5 187,7 34,2
Saturday sw2 6,5 187,7 34,2
Sunday sw2 0 187,7 34,2


Switch SUM z Savings per year [kWh] SUM z Savings for 5 years [KWh] SUM z Savings for 8 years [KWh] SUM with Savings for 8 years
SW1 984,31 4 921,56 7 874,50 PLN 4,330.97
SW2 870,35 4 351,73 6 962,76 PLN 3,829.52
Total 1 854,66 9 273,29 14 837,26 PLN 8,160.49

Sheet and calculations

And what does it look like for you? How do you take care of our mother earth?

Next Step:

Check Your organization, PoE usage. Do You have #Sawtooth?

Organization -> Summary -> Last week -> Ethernet Power Details


  • Each Cisco Meraki switch with PoE has the ability to easily control power on ports
  • each port on a Cisco Meraki switch can be marked with a tag, e.g. AP, and thanks to virtual staging, assign a power schedule to thousands of ports with one click.
  • NetProf will be happy to advise you on how to choose equipment that meets your requirements Meraki Networking MS Switches


8. Testimorial from the Foundation

„I would be pleased to express our appreciation and gratitude for the invaluable help and work in implementing the WiFi network on the Foundation’s premises. Cotton House Systemy IT, currently NETPROF  has demonstrated not only high quality standards, but also flexibility and readiness to adapt to changing needs and requirements. Additionally, we appreciate your ability to communicate and collaborate effectively. Compamy not only worked as a team, but also actively involved our Foundation in the decision-making and problem-solving process. Thanks to this, the cooperation was not only effective, but also pleasant. We are convinced that NETPROF, as a business partner, will continue to provide services at the highest level and with unwavering commitment.

We can also recommend NETPROF with full confidence as a partner in the field of consulting and installation of computer networks. Their professionalism, commitment and excellent skills made our experience with them extremely satisfying. 

Cotton House Systemy IT, currently NETPROF  staff has demonstrated deep knowledge and experience in their field. As specialists, they have knowledge of the latest trends and technologies, which allowed us to obtain optimal solutions tailored to our needs. Additionally, we appreciate the customer-oriented approach and the readiness to listen to the requirements. Compamy actively cooperated with the Primus Foundation at every stage of the process, from consultation and design to installation and maintenance. Their flexibility and openness to our suggestions were invaluable. It is also extremely important that the project contractor provided us not only with technical solutions, but also with full support and training that enabled effective network management after installation. Their commitment to ensuring our satisfaction was exceptional. 

NETPROF is not only an expert in the field of computer networks, but also a partner you can rely on. Their professionalism, commitment and high quality of services make them a recommendable choice for every client looking for reliable network solutions.”

Board of Foundation and IT administrator.

Fundacja Primus – Referencje dla NetProf.pl

How can Cisco Meraki be used for savings and security?

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Author: Michał Gurbski – enthusiast of Cisco Meraki solutions.

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